Welcome to Yaan Wellness Energy Spa 

Yaan Wellness was born from the magic of Tulum, Mexico. It is a center of wellness and healing where you will find your inner and outer beauty in the integration of mind, body and soul.  From the moment you pass the burning flame, you will be immersed in the elements of fire, air, water, and wood and feel at peace with its elegant and organic design, which respects the flow of nature in both space and time.

You will feel the essence of Yaan, an  ENERGY –HEALING- SPA , as your every need is looked after. Soothe and enliven your senses and journey through our healing waters, purified crystalline water pools, sauna and steam room. Traditional indigenous treatments, energy healing, deep muscle relaxation techniques, herbal and flower baths prepared in our custom made copper tubs are just some of the therapies you will experience by the finest professionals from around the world and Mexico.

At Yaan, our Mission is to bring health, relaxation, well-being , to cleanse body and spirit, and ignite the light within in all who will enter.


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Daily Message from the Director

Tuesday 30 September

Pay close attention to the artists, teachers and poets who are stepping forward at this moment, within their work is a channel of information to strengthen your intent with long-held truths. At times like these if you have fear, it will come to the forefront. Do not ignore your fear thinking it will go away on its own, it will not. You need to feel and honor your fears, doubts and shame, in that way you will move beyond these obstacles into completion that will, with certainty, lead to heartfelt love and deserved abundance. With Love, BobbyK


If there were a true healing paradise on earth you have done it here, congratulations.

S, Homody. London, UK

You have the most beautiful spa in the world and I have been to the best, in all ways you are the best.

J. Levine  Brooklyn, New York

My afternoon at Yaan literally changed my life, thank you from my heart.

Carmen D, Mexico city

A paradise within a paradise, where you will find your inner and outer beauty in the integration of mind, body and soul!

J.S., The Netherlands