1. Cacao Ritual 90 min/ $305 usd

Add a Citrus Body Scrub 120 min/ $305

Auric cleansing, Mayan Cacao Body Mask, 60 min Massage & Cacao Elexir.



Cacao, the ancient Pre- Hispanic herbal medicine, guides us to connect with our higher self and balance our female and male energies. As well as nurturing our skin and body with powerful antioxidants, cacao awakens creative guidance. Feel spiritually empowered and body and soul radiating from this cacao treatment.



2. Mystical Healing: 90 min / $265 usd


Copal Energetic Auric Cleanse added to a 90 min massage of choice.


Copal is a mystic healer, connecting to the divine and aligning chakras, the burned tree resin has been used by Pre – Hispanic cultures as a powerful tool for protection and cleansing. Add a copal cleansing to a massage or treatment of choice and experience it’s spiritual and physical benefits that unblock energies, clear auras and connect at an astral level.



3. Soul Discovery: 120 min  / $310 usd


Body Scrub, Body Mask, 60 min Yaan Body Massage.


Using ingredients that calm and inspire the frequencies of love, you will feel cleansed and nurtured with our carrot oil and cinnamon body scrub followed by a soothing rose petal and avocado body mask. Finish with a 60 min massage to balance soul and discover your inner peace within.


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