The rejuvenation cleanse is perfectly balanced with a combination of fruits and vegetables that will boost your stamina, endurance and overall energy. Packed with all the important phytonutrients that serve as powerhouse agents to help in the clean-up and the healing process of your body, this program will replace the sense of heaviness and lethargy with a boost of buoyancy, energy and vitality, leaving your body rejuvenated from the inside out.


With this Cold Pressed Juices you will feel more youthful, radiant, relaxed and refreshed.


While you will detox, you will find your source of inspiration from within.



Rejuvenation Cleanse

Shot: Turmeric/Apple

  1. Youth Tonic: Coconut Milk, Matcha.
  2. Glow: Beet, carrot, ginger, apple, lemon, turmeric, jicama.
  3. Strengthen: Spinach, apple, mint, lemon, cucumber, celery.
  4. Heal: Kale, Cucumber, celery, apple, mint, parsley, lemon.
  5. Hydrate: Watermelon, mint, lemon.
  6. Recover: Almond Milk, Gluten free oats, Agave, Vanilla bean, cinnamon, Himalayan salt, alkaline h20.