Autumn Reflection 120 min / $275 ($310 with option of 60 min massage)


Body Scrub, Body Mask, Hydrating Massage & Soaking Bath.


It’s the time to let go of what no longer serves you to renew and purify your body and energy. This ritual includes Mexican ingredients of pumpkin seeds  and turmeric oils, as well as white clay charged with amethyst crystals that soften the skin, stimulate circulation and increase energy flow. End with a hydrating massage and healing  bath with harvested plants from the garden. The healing properties of this treatment allow you to detox, unblock and prepare you for new beginnings.


Mystical  Healing 60 min / $190, 90 min / $265


Copal energetic cleanse added to a massage of choice.


Copal is a mystic healer, connecting to the divine and aligning chakras, the burned tree resin has been used by Pre – hispanic cultures as a powerful tool for protection and cleansing. Add a copal cleansing to a massage or treatment  of choice and experience it’s spiritual and physical benefits that unblock energies, clear auras and connect at an astral level.


Awakening Spirit 120 min/  $310


A  Chakra healing w/ 7 distinct oil blends, crystal therapy, holistic massage and foot ritual


A holistic ritual that uses signature oil blends with crystal therapy to heal energy channels and specifically clear the 7 chakra system. Includes a body healing massage and a foot ritual  which focus is to connect your soul to the heavens and keep you rooted to mother earth.


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