Awakening:  90min / $ 245 USD


A Yäan Balancing Massage followed by a holistic healing mini facial with a quartz acupressure massage and soothing plant based ingredients, deeply relaxes the body and prepares you for an energetic chakra alignment.


60 min Yäan Balancing Massage
30 min   Mini Facial
7 Crystal Chakra Alignment


Wellness Body And Soul:  4 hours / $285 USD


It is the season for transformation and change. Rejuvenate your spirit and body and renew your energy
through this 1 day healing journey at Yäan Wellness.


Yoga Am or Pm
Healing Waters ( sauna, steam and pools)
Copal Cleansing Ritual
90 min Aztek Chakra Healing Massage,


Yoga classes must be taken at 10 am or 5pm


Balance Head to Toe:  100 min / $235 USD


A full body massage using healing techniques is completed with an extra 40 min dedicated to your head and feet. Invigorating oil blends and massage, releases all worries and stress.


60 min Yaan Balalncing Massage
40 min Head massage and foot massage


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