Yäan Wellness invites you to our Open Moon Temazcal Ceremonies.


Join us for a purification and healing ceremony hosted by Yäan’s Mayan healer on the Moon cycles.

You will cleanse and deeply heal as you are lead through the 4 doors of our prehispanic Sweat lodge Ceremony.



Upon leaving the Temazcal the sensation has been described as a re-birth experience, re-uniting in the same world with a clearer vision and inner peace.


We suggest to bring a swimsuit, sorong or comfortable wrap for ceremony.
Upcoming Moon Ceremonies 6pm:


July 2017
Full Moon 9
New Moon 23

August 2017
Full Moon  7
New Moon 21

September 2017
Full Moon 6
New Moon 20

We also host Private Temazcales.
Please arrive at 5:45pm

Booking 12 hours before Ceremony is required.
$75usd/per person
Time: 6pm


Yäan Wellness Temazcal Ceremonies support the Art of Conservation Non Profit Organization.

Proceeds from our every Full Moon and New Moon ceremonies help to teach Dignity, Art and Conservation to children of Mayan Communities. We are proud to support  this organization that empowers  Mayan children and families to become conservation leaders through their innovative educational programs.






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Moon and Zodiac Temazcal Ceremonies

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